electronic benefit transfer

Wisconsin WIC Program began using a debit card for its benefits two years ago.  The design of the card was selected by looking at what would be the least obvious to others that someone was a WIC participant.


How it works

  • Each participating family is issued an EBT card that they select a PIN for. 
  • Benefits are loaded on the card at the WIC office.  Once the benefits are loaded, they are available immediately to the cardholder.  At the grocery store, a participant would use the card as they use a credit or other debit card.  At checkout, WIC foods are totaled first, then FoodShare items, and lastly cash-purchased items such as cleaners and paper products.
  • A receipt is printed at the grocery store that lists what remaining benefits exist.  This helps participants to fully use all of their benefits each month.

WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer card