wic eligible food items

The WIC food package is determined by the category of participant — pregnant, breastfeeding, post-partum, infant or child — and the assessment done at certification.  Each food package is designed to provide maximum nutrients that are commonly missing in American diets.  The following is a general listing of foods that can be provided in WIC food packages.  Refer to the WIC Approved Food Guide for specific information (also available in Spanish).





Typical Wisconsin WIC food packages contain the following foods:

Fruits and Vegetables

Can be purchased fresh, canned or frozen.  Canned fruits are limited to those without added sugar, artificial sweetener or syrup.  Canned and frozen vegetables cannot include potatoes. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased whole, cut, bagged or packaged.

Fruit Juices

Only unsweetened juices. 

Beans, Peas and Lentils

Any plain canned or dried beans.  These do not include green beans, snap beans, yellow beans, wax beans, and sweet peas. 

Peanut Butter

All brands creamy or crunchy.


Both hot and cold, but only specific brands. 

Whole Grain Breads, Pasta and Tortillas; Brown Rice:

This category is especially specific in regard to ingredients and brands.  Please see Approved Food Guide for more information.


White cow’s milk only in gallon containers

Soy Milk

Half-gallon, refrigerated


32-ounce containers of plain or flavored yogurt; brand specific


White, any grade


Only allowed for breastfeeding women whose infants are not receiving any formula from WIC

Canned Tuna or Pink Salmon

Only allowed for breastfeeding women whose infants are not receiving any formula from WIC

Infant Cereals

8- or 16-ounce containers of plain any grain, no fruit added; brands are restricted

Baby Foods

Infant fruits and vegetables and infant meats; restricted types and brands

Please read the WIC Approved Food Guide for a complete list and more details