Fail, Survive, or Thrive

November 23, 2022 @ 12:00am

As leaders, we are busy all of the time. There is always something going on and work to be done. If there isn’t we are not growing and thriving. However, that busyness often flows outside of the walls we normally work in, following us wherever we go. Now, some that are closest to me will laugh when they read this but finding balance between work and life is essential to maintaining yourself. I for one, have not quite found that balance and often find myself working and putting in time when I should not. But Healthfirst is thriving, and I cannot lose that momentum.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, time seems to be speeding up. Not only is there the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but there is also the push for the upcoming year end at the office. Inventory, audit, a final push for program generated revenues, meeting clients needs before their deductible starts over January 1st, etc. That push often makes finding a balance even more difficult.

But on this Thanksgiving Eve, we are challenging our social media followers to identify and share what they do for holiday traditions and how they spend their time-away for work. And as the leader of Healthfirst, I figured I should go first!

My family traditions actually start the Saturday before Thanksgiving for Wisconsin’s opening of deer season-a long standing tradition with my family. Although the location has changed throughout the years, the blaze orange, early mornings, and camaraderie have not. This year was a very special one as my oldest son was venturing out for the first time and wanted to sit with mom. And the morning went like this:

It was a cold and snowy morning when the heater wouldn't work. Right before light 3 doe snuck through and down the ridge. The boy was freezing and just could not sit still. As mom was working on the heater, a small voice said there's a doe. Mom looked and replied that "doe" has antlers on his head. The boy got ready to take a shot, but the buck stayed just out of range.

As the morning wore on the small lad sat on the floor of the stand shivering as his mom worked to get some heat. As she peered out the window and saw something brown meandering towards the stand. She looked down and whispered slowly get to your stool. The boy was anxious but moved slowly. 2 doe and a buck came into site. He was shaking and asked what to do. Mom said be patient they will come. Positioned out the left, the deer veered right. Mom helped reposition. Positioned out the right the deer moved left. Again, a reposition. Mom whispered hold steady. 1 doe through, 2 doe through. Mom took a deep breath and said, “shoot when he is there.” The boy took a deep breath and "bang." He said mom I really think I got him. She replied you did. Dad called and said I heard a shot and then a scream, is everything okay? Mom replied it was excitement from your boy, he shot his first buck.

This is a memory that will last a lifetime for both me and my son and would not have been possible if I did not seek balance. Now I would be remiss to not share that I checked my email several times when I was out in the deer stand, but nonetheless, I was out in the stand. Creating memories and moments that will have long lasting impact.

It was back to work then for a few days before Thanksgiving dinners would be in full swing. Healthfirst has structured our holidays to ensure our employees have time for family and traditions. Closing facilities on Thursday and Friday. We hope that our clients also have the opportunity to spend time with those closest to them. Creating new memories while cherishing the old.


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